I am having problems getting my emails delivered

You might find that sometimes your emails might be having difficulty getting delivered. 

First, go to cPanel > Email > Email Deliverability > Manage to determine if there are any deliverability issues with your domain. 

Second, if you don't already have one you may need to purchase a dedicated IP address for your website and email.

Third, make sure that you aren't sending a lot of newsletter type emails from your email account.  If you send a weekly email set of say, 100 emails and only 5 people open them and then delete them right away, companies like Gmail and others take notice and will start to downrank your emails due to this negative recipient behavior.  If you plan on sending a newsletter, always use a company like MailChimp to send out your emails since Gmail and others recognize them and will treat them differently than if you try it do it through your own email account.

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